Product Types
From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial structures.

Quality garages, carports, farmsheds, and barns

Prefabricated kits manufactured by Safety Steel Structures, sold directly to the public either through us at one of four locations or via resellers throughout Victoria, make building a simple thing to do.

Design Types (up to 9m spans)

Today’s steel shed industry supply either C/Z (profile cold rolled purlins) or RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) frames.

The C/Z frames are made of lightweight materials and are generally a cheaper option.

The RHS frames are made from Structural galvanised premium quality steel section and provide a fully welded and bolted frame with heavy fascia for fixing gutters and wall sheets.

Whilst both design are perfectly good for most applications, and we supply either, we invite you to call into any of our display sites to examine the difference before making your choice.

Most of our customers who see the RHS option and discover also that the price difference is not that great upgrade their choice to the RHS frame. Safety Steel is one of the few manufacturers in Victoria who offer the RHS option with most of our competitors offering only the C/Z frame type.

We also offer a wide range of standard sizes of both types of carports and garages, and each can have either gable or skillion roof styles. Options include roller, sliding or tilt main doors and standard, oversize and double personal doors plus windows and glass sliding doors. For cladding we have a full range in zinc or various colours to choose from.

Safety Steel Structures is committed to providing Australians with quality fabricated steel buildings such farm sheds, American and Aussie barns, large industrial buildings and workshops. For more information please phone 03 9706 7711 or enquire online.