Farm sheds
Farm Machinery Sheds
Farm Machinery Sheds

Purpose built sheds for machinery and equipment.

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Storage Sheds
Storage Sheds

Secure lockable sheds for storage purposes.

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Riding arena construction
Riding arena construction

Custom designed stables and riding arenas

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Special Purpose
Special Purpose

Special purpose farmsheds designed and built to provide durable and cost effective solutions to specific farm applications.

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Steel Farm Sheds in Melbourne

If you’re searching for a shed or barn that’s affordable and will last for many years to come, look no further than Safety Steel Structures. We are the biggest supplier of new farm sheds, rural sheds, open barn sheds and garden sheds for sale in Victoria.

Our qualified steel frame shed builders have been manufacturing many types of tough built sheds and barn structures for over 50 years using the best materials available. We are renowned for creating the most comprehensive shed plans in Australia’s shed manufacturing industry, and we can create detailed steel frame shed plans for your property too.

When you view our selection of barn shed kits, you will quickly find shed designs and barn designs that are strong and comply with Australian farm shed building standards. All of our kit farm sheds are simple to erect and have been designed to withstand the elements and severe weather conditions. As a leading builder of farm sheds in Australia, please get in touch with us when you need steel farm sheds for us to build for you.

Farm Shed Sizes

Our steel frame shed builders can manufacture barns and buildings in many different sizes. Select a shed size option that suits your property; whether you only have a limited amount of space or a wide space to work with, we will create shed or barn designs and plans that will make sure you get a shed or barn built to your required size.

Farm Shed Prices

Farm and barn shed prices are determined by the type of steel farm shed building you need, its purpose, and its intended location. To find out how much our farm and barn sheds for sale cost, view our online open, machinery, storage and hay shed price list.

Types of Farm Sheds For Sale

Farm Storage Sheds

The barn storage sheds in Melbourne we manufacture provide maximum protection from the elements and will keep everything stored inside secure. We can create customised storage shed construction plans that will ensure that the barn shed you require will be the exact height and width you need. We’ve built storage sheds near Bendigo, Shepparton, Yarrawonga and elsewhere in rural Victoria, and we can create shed design plans for your farm and industrial site too, no matter where it’s located.

Farm Machinery Sheds

Do you need a place to store a harvester or tractor? Our farming and building equipment sheds provide a practical storage solution for many different storage requirements. We will create detailed farm equipment storage building plans that will take the dimensions of your equipment into consideration. All of our equipment shed plans and equipment shed designs also make durability a key feature.

Livestock Sheds

If you need a steel frame barn to keep your livestock in, contact Safety Steel Structures for the best custom and prefab stables in Australia. We can create livestock shed plans that take the health and wellbeing of your livestock into consideration.

Barn Shed Houses

Our range of steel shed house designs can help you extend how much space your property has. Whether you want to use it as a retreat or a granny flat, we can create a barn shed house that suits your lifestyle and space requirements.

Garage Sheds

Do you need a garage? Safety Steel Structures can design detailed garage shed plans to create a garage shed that will fulfil all your requirements. Our garage shed construction plans will include how big it will be, how many vehicles can be stored, its colour palette, and other details.

Custom Made Sheds

Are you looking for steel frame shed builders who make custom made sheds in Melbourne? Safety Steel Structures can help you design your own farm by manufacturing custom made sheds. We have designed and built customised storage sheds around Warragul, Echuca, Horsham, Sale and elsewhere in Victoria, and we can create custom shed plans for your property too.

Learn More Today

If you’re looking for the number one manufacturer of barn sheds in Australia who can provide the farm shed you need, look no further. We offer the best storage, livestock, home and farm machinery shed prices available. Feel free to call us on (03) 9706 7711 or contact us online for more information on our farm sheds in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia.

Years of Experience

Safety Steel Structures first started making garages, carports, farm sheds and barns in the early 1960s. Today we employ over 60 people and manufacture a range of quality steel products such as:

  • Garages and carports
  • Large farm sheds and both American and Aussie barns
  • Industrial, commercial and residential steel buildings
  • Workshops and warehouses

We have a display centre at our modern factory in Dandenong where our many products can be seen 24/7, plus display centres at Ballarat, Bendigo and Traralgon (Gippsland). Safety Steel Structures remains a proudly Australian-owned and family run operation with the aim of creating the steel building residential, commercial and industrial clients require.

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For further information on how Safety Steel Structures can assist with your building requirements, phone (03) 9706 7711 or enquire online.


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