Australian-Made Carport Garage Structures

Established in the early 1960s, Safety Steel Structures is a family-owned business with its main operations being based at our state-of-the-art factory in Dandenong, Victoria.

At the factory, there’s a display centre which is open 24/7 so people can come see our Australian-made carport garage structures, steel sheds, American style barns and other industrial buildings any time they want. There are also Safety Steel Structures display centres in Warrenheip (Ballarat), Bendigo and Traralgon, Gippsland.

Why Choose Us for a Carport Garage or Other Structure?

At Safety Steel Structures, we take great pride in the work we do. We have several joint ventures and associated companies working with us to ensure that our operations always have a supply of material and services on hand. It also means we’re not reliant on outside parties, allowing us to be extremely efficient

Outside of our domestic-focused building products, Safety Steel Structures also manufactures, supplies and erects structures for rural and industrial applications such as:

  • Large steel farm sheds and American or Aussie style barns
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Workshops and industrial sheds

Beyond making and supplying prefabricated kit buildings, we have the ability to do custom design jobs and manage turn key projects.


From hardware stores to builders, Safety Steel Structures has a large number of resellers across Victoria, all of whom are provided with training and support. With uniform pricing for kits across our network of resellers, you are always guaranteed to find our products at the right price regardless of where you make your purchase.

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50+ Years of Experience
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Enquire About Our Affordable Prices Online

If you’re looking for a competitively priced garaport, carport, garage or any other structure, enquire about our affordable garage, shed and carport prices online today. Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to provide you with pricing details after discussing your requirements.

For further information on how Safety Steel Structures can assist you, call us on  03 9706 7711 or enquire online.

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Years of Experience

Safety Steel Structures first started making garages, carports, farm sheds and barns in the early 1960s. Today we employ over 60 people and manufacture a range of quality steel products such as:

  • Garages and carports
  • Large farm sheds and both American and Aussie barns
  • Industrial, commercial and residential steel buildings
  • Workshops and warehouses

We have a display centre at our modern factory in Dandenong where our many products can be seen 24/7, plus display centres at Ballarat, Bendigo and Traralgon (Gippsland). Safety Steel Structures remains a proudly Australian-owned and family run operation with the aim of creating the steel building residential, commercial and industrial clients require.

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For further information on how Safety Steel Structures can assist with your building requirements, phone (03) 9706 7711 or enquire online.


    Manufacturing Prefabricated Kit Buildings
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    Residential Steel Buildings

    From little things, big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time has progressed onto building small and large industrial, commercial and residential steel buildings.

    Victoria’s Best Garages and Carports

    If you’re looking to buy a quality made steel carport or garage, Safety Steel Structures should be your first choice.

    Thousands of our prefabricated steel sheds, American barns and industrial building kits have been erected in residential properties all around Victoria and adjoining states.

    Expertly made, our steel building residential kits are an affordable option that will also add value to your property.

    Among our range of carport and garage designs that homeowners can choose from are:

    • Welded tubular (RHS) or C/Z Purlin frames
    • Gable or skillion roof styles
    • Full range of standard sizes
    • Custom designs

    Customers can also choose what type of main door (roller or sliding) and personal doors (standard, oversized or double) that they would like for their garage workshop sheds. Other options include various choices of windows and glass sliding doors as well as cladding preferences.

    We can also supply a fully trained team to assemble the garage, carport, farm shed or barn for you. While the customer will need to get a permit to be an owner builder, it is a straightforward process that we can assist with.

    The easy to assemble steel building residential kits come with fasteners, gutters, downpipes and flashings, plus user-friendly building instructions.

    Our prefabricated kit-form garages, carports, farm sheds and barns can also be bought through our trained resellers who are spread across Victoria.

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