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Manufacturers of steel buildings, over 50 years experience

From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial structures.

We have been making steel buildings for over 50 years. We have grown significantly over that time as our customers sought larger, custom-made steel buildings and we have met the demand and now count amongst our clients industrial-scale customers.

The current owners – the Hartley family – acquired the business in the 1980’s and built on existing technical knowledge and expertise to become major providers of steel buildings such as warehouses, specialty factories, workshops and large steel farm sheds.

We enjoy working with a broad cross-section of customers. We continue to serve our domestic-scale customers and we love the challenges that our industrial and commercial clients provide.

A qualified and committed team combined with custom services means efficiency and savings for you

We have a team of 60 staff who perform a range of roles to bring you the best custom-designed steel buildings.

We have highly experienced drafters and engineers who work closely together to ensure the best design and most efficient manufacture of your building. We know what works and what doesn’t and our customers continue to benefit from our vast manufacturing knowledge and experience.

We also have a rolling plant and a concrete plant which provides us with reliability of supply and pricing advantages.

We are a high-volume and low margin manufacturer which is why we are known as one of Victoria’s leading fabrication manufacturers.

We manufacture your building according to your design, build it at our plant then transport to your site for quick installation.

As licenced industrial builders we are also able to take responsibility for turnkey projects. We oversee the entire construction process:

We also manufacture a range of quality fabricated steel buildings such as:

  • Carports and garages
  • Farm sheds and barns
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
We provide you the best in steel design, manufacturing and installation

We have vast experience and a highly qualified and skilled team of people ready to design and manufacture the best steel building for your site. We use the latest in steel roll forming and computer software technology to construct steel buildings that are ready to assemble on site. We carry out all of our work with safety at the forefront of everything we do.

All of our team are skilled and qualified to carry out their roles efficiently and safely. We are proud of our safety record and take care at each stage of the design and construction process.

We ensure that your project is completed according to agreed schedule and to the best standard.

We are committed to the safety of our team and to everyone on-site. Our team is trained and committed to manufacturing steel buildings according to industry best practice and state Work Health and Safety standards and regulations.

We continuously enhance and develop our manufacturing machinery and equipment through regular training and attendance at industry workshops and seminars.

We will work with you to get the right design for your job and arrange a site visit and quote as required. Our team has the training and experience to install prefabricated or custom-designed steel buildings on any site – domestic, industrial or commercial.

From customised to commercial buildings

Call us today to arrange a design consultation or to see our range of prefabricated options on (03) 97066 7711.

Years of Experience

Safety Steel Structures first started making garages, carports, farm sheds and barns in the early 1960s. Today we employ over 60 people and manufacture a range of quality steel products such as:

  • Garages and carports
  • Large farm sheds and both American and Aussie barns
  • Industrial, commercial and residential steel buildings
  • Workshops and warehouses

We have a display centre at our modern factory in Dandenong where our many products can be seen 24/7, plus display centres at Ballarat, Bendigo and Traralgon (Gippsland). Safety Steel Structures remains a proudly Australian-owned and family run operation with the aim of creating the steel building residential, commercial and industrial clients require.

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For further information on how Safety Steel Structures can assist with your building requirements, phone (03) 9706 7711 or enquire online.


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