Project Management
From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial structures.

Managing Large Building Projects

Safety Steel Structures is expertly capable of managing large industrial and commercial building projects from start to finish.

During a turnkey project, the client hands over a whole development plan to our experienced team until we are ready to give them the key upon the building’s completion.

Be it for a large steel farm shed, a warehouse or industrial building, once we’re a project manager we’re then responsible for the whole site. This means clients don’t need to do anything apart from giving us the brief.

Having us manage their project means a client can effectively be worry free as we handle all building requirements such as:

  • Plumbing and electricity installation
  • The fit out
  • Painting
  • Industrial cleaning

From the actual ordering, fabrication, delivery and erection it takes on average eight to 12 weeks for a mid-sized industrial building project to be completed. A very large project may take six months which includes extensive ground work.

The Process

Once we have the drawings, we get the steel in and the fabrication process begins. The fabricated building is then packaged up for delivery and sent to the site for erection. Our totally integrated building system makes it a very quick process. It’s also cost effective because it minimises site and labour costs.

Safety Steel Structures employs expert builders who have worked on many industrial building projects from start to finish.

Apart from large industrial buildings and warehouses, Safety Steel Structures also makes farm sheds, workshops, American barns, carports and garages.

To find out more on how our engineers, drafting and building consultants and other relevant specialists can provide you with complete project management solution phone 03 9706 7711 or enquire online.