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There are countless small to medium enterprises operating out there, and for many of them, it makes sense to opt for a small industrial warehouse unit rather than a whole complex. These units are typically sized between 100-400sqm and are ideal for various purposes and different types of businesses.

Safety Steel Structures can design, manufacture and construct multi-warehouse unit complexes in Melbourne for both commercial and industrial businesses to use. Our units are aesthetically pleasing, can be used for different applications, are built quickly, and are reasonably priced. Our organisation has a successful history in designing and constructing all types of industrial buildings, meaning you can rest assured that your construction project will meet your expectations and be perfect for your business and its goals.

Our experienced and certified team of drafters and engineers will take care of all the necessary work and obtain the required permits pertaining to the necessary industrial shed designs, plans, and other types of industrial shed construction details. Our experts will guide you through these industrial shed plans to ensure that every unit has been built to your specifications.

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We are specialists in steel design and fabrication. We have over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing prefabricated kit buildings and custom designs, and our team has advanced engineering and design knowledge to build any type of commercial or industrial warehouse in Melbourne.

Our team of industrial and commercial construction builders in Melbourne have earned our organisation a great reputation as quality manufacturers due to our commitment to efficient and prompt design and delivery of projects.

Visit our extensive network of suppliers throughout Victoria and NSW to view our range of prefabricated sheds and garages. We have trained our suppliers to provide technical support for all of our clients. They can also assist with the installation of any of our prefabricated buildings.

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