Planning & Design
From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial buildings.

Custom industrial building designs

We provide a complete planning and design service for industrial buildings, custom-made domestic and commercial buildings.

During the initial stage our building consultants and drafters will work with you to establish the general design brief and how much of a role you’d like us to play. Some clients have existing plans or know exactly what they want. You may have existing plans but want to make some alterations to them – we can assist with that process. Others are still thinking through the options and might need some technical information to clarify their ideas. By understanding the site, your requirements and the design styles you like, our team of qualified drafters and experienced engineers will work closely with you to create the building that matches your needs.

Quality building designs

Safety Steel Structures is a family business with a 50 year history of designing and building steel buildings in Victoria. We manufacture prefabricated and custom-designed:

Installing a steel building, either prefabricated or custom-designed, is popular for many reasons. Steel is durable and reliable, it can be constructed to suit any site and according to any design. Our drafters and engineers have the experience and knowledge to create spans and trusses for the simplest or most complicated design. We know what works and what doesn’t so we can save you a lot of headache by suggesting tried and tested solutions.

All of our drawings are created using the latest AutoCAD and three dimensional software technology. We consult with you to finesse your design, ensure structural integrity and make sure you get the most efficient design for cost.

Steel is the best choice for industrial building designs

Steel is the ideal building material for many reasons:

  • It has the highest strength to weight ratio of any loadbearing framing options.
  • Its strength meets the strictest building codes saving you frustrating time in planning and building permit application queues.
  • Steel is non-combustible and highly resistant to fire – your building and its contents will be better protected saving you heartache and cost if anything ever happens.
  • Steel framing eliminates any concerns about the potential for structural damage caused by insects or water damage.
  • Steel doesn’t settle like timber, nor does it warp, twist or swell. Your asset will endure and retain its integrity and value over time
  • Because of steel’s strength it can be used for achieving longer spans than other materials, giving you more design options
  • Steel is better for the environment – it is completely recyclable and has an infinite lifespan
  • It is an aesthetically versatile and streamlined product. It won’t sag or lose form over time.
  • It is a much lighter material compared to other framing options which makes it easier to handle. The frames can be easily transported to and managed on site.

Our design and manufacturing teams have extensive experience and can make your industrial building design and construction process relatively straight forward.

Custom designed and built

Call us today to speak to one of our team. We can get your project underway, letting you get on with your business.