From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial structures.

Specialists in steel fabrication

Safety Steel Structures has boasting over 50 years’ experience in domestic and industrial design and construction.

Designed to SAVE Built to LAST. Offering buildings which are pre-fabricated in our own factory, minimises on site time and labour requirements. Both pre-contract and actual construction time is reduced. Whether you require a shed, warehouse or the construction of a factory-warehouse-office complex. Safety Steel Structures' totally integrated building system saves you time and money

We are a proud family-owned business and have built a happy network of satisfied customers over many years of service. We are committed to work health safety practices while we design and build your structure both efficiently and competitively.

Our experienced team of designers, engineers and welders will turn your design dream into a quickly functioning reality. We offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the design and construction phase.

We can manage your project from start to finish or you can employ single elements of our process: design, manufacturing or installation.

As licenced industrial builders we can take responsibility for turnkey projects. We oversee the entire construction process:

  • Design and planning
  • Fabrication
  • Erection

We also manufacture a range of quality fabricated steel such as:

  • Carports and garages
  • Farm sheds and barns
  • Industrial and commercial buildings

We design and complete industrial builds across Victoria and NSW. We make sure that your prefabricated sheds and barns are installed efficiently and professionally. Our extensive network of suppliers – comprised of builders and hardware stores – have been trained by us to install our prefabricated buildings and have extensive experience with our designs and products.

Use a licenced industrial builder to oversee your project

As a leading manufacturer and licenced industrial builder we can assist at any stage of your building project. We can adapt our services to suit your needs: you may already have a project manager, or you have employed the services of a consultant firm but still require the labour of a construction team. Our professional team has worked with lots of contractors and consultants and completed successful builds all over Melbourne, Victoria and NSW.

We continue to build on our manufacturing experience and we know what works - our customers benefit from our vast knowledge and experience.

We also have a rolling plant and a concrete plant which provides us with reliability of supply and pricing advantages.

We are a high-volume and low margin manufacturer which is why we are known as one of Victoria’s leading fabrication manufacturers.

We manufacture your building according to your design, build it at our plant then transport to your site for quick installation.

Precision engineering for quality steel fabrication

We manufacture in a modular building format which makes our designs adaptable to clients who want custom-made structures.

Using the latest technology manufacturing is completed by our experienced team of welders and metal workers at our 10,000 square metre workshop in Dandenong.

The fabrication procedure typically follows the following steps:

  • Measuring, cutting and welding the steel
  • Placing the holes and cleats in the correct position
  • Packaging and carefully loading in the right sequence
  • Dispatching to site and erecting if required.

Whether manufacturing a domestic structure or a large industrial or commercial-size building, our on-site fabrication reduces time onsite and the associated labour costs.

Precision Engineering

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