Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Industrial

With over 50 years’ experience Safety Steel Structures has designed and developed an exceptional product providing industry with superior engineered buildings.  Our team of sales people, engineers and skilled workers combine to provide our clients with a functional well designed and quality finish solution to their industrial building requirements.  Wether it be a standard designed or purpose build, all steel or a combination of steel and concrete panel construction, with or without office fittout, services, landscaping etc. Safety Steel Structures can deliver your industrial building solution.
Yes. Our team can quote and manufacture off your already engineered and approved designs. Buildings can be supplied in 'kit form'  or 'supply and erect only' in arrangement with your project builder.
Safety Steel Structures' expert team take care of all of the relevant compliance requirements for your build.
By the prefabrication of buildings in our factory we are able to achieve efficency gains and high quality levels from the use of precision equipment and skilled workers in a controlled factory environment. This method also minimises delays caused by bad weather and poor site conditions.