Factory Precast Concrete

Factory/Units - Precast Concrete Clad – versatile and practical

We are a high-volume and low margin producer of quality steel and concrete structures.

We design your building using either prefabricated or custom-designed components. We manufacture the components at our plant then transport to your site for quick installation.

We have a concrete plant which provides us with reliability of supply and pricing advantages. Our in-house production of concrete gives us better technical control of our products meaning better quality and service for you.

Our team of drafters, engineers, steel and concrete workers work together to create precise dimension precast units. We make durable units that can be used multiple times saving you time and money.

Other advantages of building with precast concrete panels:

  • Quality of the concrete can be controlled and monitored much more easily
  • No delays due to poor weather
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better value for money through replication – it’s easy to make many copies of the same precast product
  • Faster production – heating the precast parts increases the strength of the concrete significantly and reduces the amount of time between casting and installing
  • Reduced need for on-site scaffolding and formwork
  • No need to transport and store concrete cast components to the job site
  • On-site installation completed quickly
Specifications coming soon.