Precast Concrete Clad
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Metro Precast Front


Customised to meet your needs.



Specially designed for purpose.



Office and Warehouse complex.



Factories including attached offices/ showrooms


Shops and Offices

Concrete panel design for shops, offices and commercial complexes. Strong durable steel construction with concrete walls for added strength and austhetics.

Precast concrete panels in Melbourne

We have a proud history of manufacturing and installing quality industrial and commercial buildings throughout Melbourne and Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales.

Established over 50 years ago we have become one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated and custom-designed steel and pre-cast concrete panel buildings.

Our industrial designs use a combination of steel and concrete to achieve the best result for your project.

Precast concrete panels – versatile and practical

We are a high-volume and low margin producer of quality steel and concrete structures.

We design your building using either prefabricated or custom-designed components. We manufacture the components at our plant then transport to your site for quick installation.

We have a concrete plant which provides us with reliability of supply and pricing advantages. Our in-house production of concrete gives us better technical control of our products meaning better quality and service for you.

Our team of drafters, engineers, steel and concrete workers work together to create precise dimension precast units. We make durable units that can be used multiple times saving you time and money.

Other advantages of building with precast concrete panels:

  • Quality of the concrete can be controlled and monitored much more easily
  • No delays due to poor weather
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better value for money through replication – it’s easy to make many copies of the same precast product
  • Faster production – heating the precast parts increases the strength of the concrete significantly and reduces the amount of time between casting and installing
  • Reduced need for on-site scaffolding and formwork
  • No need to transport and store concrete cast components to the job site
  • On-site installation completed quickly

Precast concrete panels – construction process

Precast concrete manufacturing and construction is a faster and more efficient way to complete your building project. Precast walls can be load-bearing or used as partitions. They provide acoustic insulation and are fire resistant.

From the outset our designers consider the detailing, manufacturing, transporting and erecting of your building to ensure that each step is done efficiently and with quality control checks. Precast concrete offers many advantages including:

  • Superior thermal protection
  • consistent performance over a long time
  • shorter construction schedule
  • less on-site labour
  • lots of options for colours and finishes

Precast concrete construction is less expensive than brick or other labour-intensive structures. It doesn’t require extensive footing networks like masonry walls and they are more durable – there are no vulnerable mortar joints that can let water in.

Safety Steel Structures = knowledge and experience

We are an Australian-owned family company with 50 years building experience in the domestic, rural and industrial sectors. Our custom-built 10,000 sq. metre facility in Dandenong has evolved to keep pace with the latest technology and design software and manufacturing processes. We have over 60 staff who receive regular workplace health and safety training and are committed to efficient and timely work practices.

We have a range of prefabricated domestic and rural structures – garages, carports, farm sheds and barns – or we can adapt any of our designs to suit your preferences and site. We can supply in kit form with clear instructions – this option is best suited to a reasonably skilled owner builder. Alternatively our building services team can assist you to ensure quick, safe and compliant installation of your new structure.

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