Steel Manufacturing History
From little things big things grow. Safety Steel Structures began life as a garage and farm shed builder and over time progressed onto building small and large industrial structures.

Garages, Carports and Sheds: A Manufacturing History

The carport and garage industry in Australia was initially based on structures made from painted black ssteel framesand timber battens.

As time moved on galvanised steel tube (RHS) welded frames and steel purlins became our first choice of building. However many of the shed manufacturers chose to change over to lightweight C/Z purlin frames as supplied by rollforming companies.

Come in and inspect our sheds and you will see the difference.


The key development in workshops, industrial and farm sheds over the years has been inside with the framing. Traditionally, sheds used A-Frame trusses but now – due to improved steel strength - we have clear span portals offering clear space. Clear span portal designs offers clear lines, maximises the internal space and provides higher head room and clearance in both small and large sheds.

The Future

Going forward, steel manufacturing developments in relation to the building industry will mean one day see you won’t see any bricklayers working onsite. Modern design methods are taking us in the direction of engineering and pre-fabricating. Just as Safety Steel Structures have been doing for decades, all building projects will be predominately made in a factory and then transported to site by truck to be quickly erected.

Safety Steel Structures

Safety Steel Structures manufactures a range of fabricated steel buildings and structures which include garages, carports, American and Aussie barns, workshops, farm sheds and large industrial buildings.

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest cutting technology and is staffed by qualified and experienced engineers and welders. For further information please phone 03 9706 7711 or enquire online.